Opening evening for Sweet Charity

Fancy getting involved in Allegros next production, Sweet Charity?



The show dates are 15th – 19th October 2013 at the Church Hill Theatre, Morningside.


We have the first meeting of our season on Monday 20th May at 7.30pm at Bruntsfield Evengelical Church.

We rehearse every Monday and Thursday and a schedule will be available to see when members may will be required.

Opening Meeting

The first meeting of the season will be an open meeting. Here you will find out more about Sweet Charity and it will be a good chance to meet existing and other new company members and find out more about the show and production team. If you know anyone else who is interested in joining Allegro, please let them know about the opening meeting, 7.30pm on Monday 20th May at Bruntsfield Evangelical Church. Please let me know if you intend on attending and I’ll watch out for you and start some introductions if you don’t know anyone.

New Member Auditions

As a new member you will be required to do a small audition to get into the company.  This is simply to ensure that our cast can at the very least hold a note.  For this audition you should prepare a short song or verse and chorus of a song.  You are welcome to provide sheet music or bring a CD/iPod/MP3 player with a backing track or if you’re feeling super brave, acapella!

Principal Auditions

All principal audition pieces will be available at the opening meeting and auditions will take place on two nights over 4th, 5th or 6th June. If you are interested in auditioning please let me know and the audition pieces can be emailed/posted if you are unable to make the opening meeting.

Subscription Fees & Playing/Non-Playing Membership

Fees for playing members are £35 and are due by the end of June, or before you have auditioned for a principal part if you are going for one. Fees for non-playing membership are £20 and are again due by the end of June. Non-playing membership will ensure that you are kept up to date with Allegro news and means that will not need to re-audition should you decide to perform on stage in subsequent years.

You can pay subscription fees at the opening meeting or rehearsals, or send them to Allegro, 6 John Street Lane East, Edinburgh, EH15 2DZ. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Allegro’