Sunshine on Leith cast announcement

We are pleased to announce the cast for Sunshine on Leith as:
Rab: Phil Dobson
Jean: Lesley Ward
Yvonne: Michelle Baskeyfield
Liz: Fiona Dawson
Ally: Fraser Jamieson
Davy: Donald Randall
Margaret: Rachel Aedy
Young Rab: Matt McDonagh
Innes – Matt McDonough
Moira – Emma Dawson
Hazel: Helen Goldie
Sarge: Andrew Edmonstone
Young Jean: Ali Wood
Barmaid: Lynsey McGhee
Andy: Andrew Jack
Squaddie 1: Amy Totty
Squaddie 2 – Andrew Jack
Squaddie 3: Andrew Hally
Busker/hen: Emma Dawson
Karen: to be re-cast
Carl: Cameron Kirby
Eddie: to be re-cast
Rab’s Pal: Johnny Farley
Rab’s Pal: Paul Inglis
Britannia cleaner 1: Carole Gibson
Britannia cleaner 2: Martene Paterson
Britannia cleaner 3: Sara Kenneway
Doctor: Paris Afshar
Guard – Andrew Hally
Porter/nurse – Stacey Scott
Female vocal trio: Jo Malpas
Female vocal trio: Lyndsey Bailey
Female vocal trio: Lucy Cairns
Call centre manager: Paul Inglis
Congratulations to all. We are looking forward to what is going to be a wonderful production!