History of Allegro

Allegro was formed in 1977 from the then Barclay Bruntsfield Drama Group. The intention of the company was to bring lesser known or rarely performed musicals to the attention of audiences for amateur theatre in Edinburgh.

(Chrysanthemum - 1983)

(Chrysanthemum – 1983)

(1984 - Girl Crazy)

(1984 – Girl Crazy)

The company has come a long way in that time, building up a reputation for producing highly polished performances with high standards of acting, singing and choreography.

However, as a consequence of performing these lesser known shows and the high costs involved in producing stage musicals, following our 2001 production Allegro found itself in the position of being unable to fund another full production.

(Kiss Me Kate - 2006)

(Kiss Me Kate – 2006)

Our concert production in 2004 raised sufficient funds to enable us to restart the company and present a full scale musical production of the same high standard as before.

Since then we have gone from strength to strength, performing a high quality musical every year in the Church Hill Theatre.

(Sweet Charity - 2013)

(Sweet Charity – 2013)

(Our House- 2014)

(Loserville - 2015)

(Loserville – 2015)

(Sunshine on Leith 2016)

(Rock of Ages - 2017)

(Rock of Ages – 2017)

(Popstars the 90's Musical - 2018)

(Popstars the 90’s Musical – 2018)

(Made in Dagenham – 2019)