Loserville Cast Announced

Allegro are pleased to introduce the cast for our 2015 show, Loserville!

Michael Dork – Matt McDonagh
Lucas Lloyd – Tim Pearson
Francis Weir – Andrew Halley
Marvin Camden – Matthew Cleator
Holly Manson – Rachel Aedy
Eddie Arch – Cameron Kirby
Huey Phillips – Andrew Jack
Wayne Pagoda – Andrew Knox
Leia Dawkins – Ali Wood
Elaine Friend – Emma Dawson
Samantha Powden – Michaela Turner
Ivanka – Joanna Malpas
Marina – Jenna Lee
Convention Announcer – Daisy McDonald
School Announcer/Arch Systems Tannoy Announcer – Paul Inglis
School Principal – Richard Tebbutt
Susie Alpine – Sara Kenneway
Davina Glen – Nicola Dryburgh
Duvante – Lee McHugh
Britney – Gillian Reilly

Well done to everyone who auditioned – the production team were very impressed with the standards on show, and we’re all really looking forward to the show now!