Me and My Girl – October 2005

11The Hareford clan are a group of insufferable aristocrats. The family’s precarious financial situation can only be remedied by locating a legitimate heir to the earldom of Hareford.

In due course an heir is found, but, unfortunately for them, he turns out to be the decidedly non-noble Bill Snibson, a swaggering cockney from Lambeth.

The Earl’s will specifically states that the heir must be deemed a fit and proper person by the two very fit and proper executors, Maria, Duchess of Dene, and Sir John Tremayne. A good-hearted woman beneath all her jewellery, the duchess is determined to make the best of the situation by transforming Snibson into a proper gentleman.

To complicate matters further, Snibson is madly in love with a girl he refuses to leave behind, fellow Cockney Sally Smith. The show includes such classics as “The Lambeth Walk”, “Leaning on a Lamp” and of course the title song itself “Me and My Girl”.


Production Team

  • Artistic Director – Malcolm J Burnett
  • Choreographer – Janice Bruce
  • Musical Director – Simon Hanson


  • Anna (Sir Jasper’s Nursemaid) – Bette Boyle
  • Bill Snibson – Euan Fleming
  • Charles – Richard Brannan
  • Gerard BolinBroke – Rory McLean
  • Lady Clara Battersby – Lynda Lawson
  • Lady Jacqueline Carstone – Claire MacLean
  • Lord Frederick Battersby – Alan Gillespie
  • Maria, Duchess of Dene – Laura Jordan Reed
  • Mr Herbert Parchester – Kevin Reed
  • Mrs Anastasia Brown – Fiona Brownlee
  • Sally Smith – Claire McVicar
  • Sir Jasper Tring – Andrew Hannah
  • Sir John Tremayne – David McBain


Richard Brannan (Ancestor), Neil Johnstone (Barman), Peter Tomassi (Bob Barking / Quintet), Alistair Thomas (Chauffeur / Ancestor / Quintet), Alison Wood (Chorus), Amy Milne (Chorus), Anita Ferguson (Chorus), Anne Saunderson (Chorus), Carol McGovern (Chorus), Claire Porterfield (Chorus), Fiona Adams (Chorus), Fraser Jamieson (Chorus), Gina Muego (Chorus), Jon Elliott (Chorus), Karen Campbell (Chorus), Lesley Reed (Chorus), Mark Burwell (Chorus), Matthew Priest (Chorus), Maxine Fallon (Chorus), Mhairi Brannan (Chorus), Natalie Muir (Chorus), Patsy Thomson (Chorus), Stephanie Urquhart (Chorus), Susan Leask (Cook / Lady Brighton), Stuart O’Neil (Head Footman / Ancestor), Ronald Hutchinson (Lord Damming), Lorna Campbell (Maid 1), Jill McMillan (Maid 2), Kirsty Tomassi (Mrs Worthington-Worthington), Nick Harding (Pearly King / The Constable / Quintet), Lisa Fleming (Pearly Queen), Carole Burnett (Quintet), Laura McDonald (Quintet), Emily Streete (Sophia Stainsley-Asherton), Steven Turner (Telegram Boy)